Prof Douglas Wallace

Current affiliation

Dalhousie University, Nova Scotia, Canada

Prof Douglas Wallace
Research interests
  • Air-sea exchange
  • Global carbon cycle
  • Nutrients¬†and oxygen in the ocean
  • New technological approaches to study the ocean

Douglas Wallace worked more than 13 years at what is now the GEOMAR in Kiel, Germany. Professor Wallace returned to Dalhousie in 2011 as Canada Excellence Research Chair in Ocean Science and Technology in the Department of Oceanography. He was involved in the establishment of cooperative research programs in Cabo Verde which led, eventually to the establishment of the Ocean Science Centre Mindelo. Douglas has a long-standing interest in empowering coastal communities with the skills and abilities to study the ocean. This led to him working with a team of African and Canadian researchers and business people on a new initiative in Canada called DOTCAN (Development of Ocean Technical Capacity with African Nations). The goal is to strengthen ocean technical and ocean business capacity through partnership, with an initial emphasis on ECOWAS group of countries in West Africa.

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