Dr Frederick Gilbert Whoriskey

Current affiliation

Ocean Tracking Network, Dalhousie University, Nova Scotia, Canada

Dr Frederick Gilbert Whoriskey
Research interests
  • Movements (habitat use/migration) and survival of aquatic animals and their links to environmental conditions

Frederick Gilbert Whoriskey is the Executive Director of the Ocean Tracking Network (OTN) at Dalhousie University. He chaired the Board of the Huntsman Marine Science Center, and currently chairs the Management Board of the Canadian Rivers Institute. Prior to joining Dalhousie University, Fred was a Professor at McGill University (Montreal, QC, Canada) and subsequently the VP Research at the Atlantic Salmon Federation. His current research focuses on the movement ecology of fish as documented through the use of electronic telemetry (acoustic, satellite, and radio-tagging). He has also been instrumental in establishing Canada’s most experienced operational fleet of marine autonomous vehicles (gliders). Frederick has extensive knowledge in development and mobilization for management and policy use, as well as large project management. He has worked in numerous African countries (Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya) for field work, and currently through the OTN infrastructure supports a global network of projects including work in South Africa, Mozambique, and Cabo Verde.

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