In-Depth Publications

2022 |
Peer-reviewed paper
Ron Fluegel, Sebastian Ferse, Hauke Kegeler, Rebecca Lahl, Janina Lobmüller, Paul Tuda
2022 |
2022 |
Peer-reviewed paper
Íris Sampaio, Lydia Beuck, Gui M. Menezes, André Freiwald

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People and boats at the coast of Zanzibar
Impact Story

New Digital Technologies for Marine Biodiversity Data Handling in East Africa – Data Linking People (NeDiT)

NeDiT aims to improve the handling of marine biodiversity data and facilitate policymaking …
Region: East Africa, Tanzania
NaMares Impact Storie
Impact Story

Scientific Knowledge Base for MSP in Namibia (NAMares)

NAMares was established to support the marine spatial planning process in Namibia, aiming …
Season: 3
Episode: 7

Enabling lasting transformation – Innovation, inclusion, finance

How innovation, inclusion and finance should be linked to upscale sustainability transformation. …
Region: Atlantic Ocean, Western Indian Ocean
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