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Co-Design in collaborative marine research projects – a guidance with examples – Version 2.0

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The co-design guidance was drafted for the purpose of inspiring and guiding all MeerWissen applicants along their endeavours of creating and planning new transdisciplinary research projects attuned to local needs and from a foundation of a strong partnership of equals. Informed by both a discussion paper on co-design elaborated within the MeerWissen community and by participants’ inputs at a workshop on co-design held as part of an Ocean Lab of the Ocean Decade, the guidance was developed by research collaborators at the Leibniz Centre for Tropical Marine Research (ZMT) commissioned by the MeerWissen Secretariat. We hope you find helpful tips and insightful information within these pages. Finally, we consider these guidelines a “living document” that has now been supplemented for Version 2.0 with the experiences and lessons learned from past and present MeerWissen projects, in the hopes of presenting valuable knowledge for future marine science partnership projects and beyond.

Sebastian Ferse, Marie Fujitani, Rebecca Lahl
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