April 16, 2024

April 17, 2024
Athens, Greece

9th Our Ocean Conference

The ocean holds a crucial role in the existence of humanity, serving as a vital component for our survival and prosperity. Its significance extends to providing sustenance, regulating our climate, and being the primary source of the oxygen we rely on. Moreover, the ocean plays a pivotal role in the global economy, supporting various sectors ranging from tourism and fisheries to international shipping.

Nevertheless, the well-being of the seas, oceans, and marine ecosystems faces imminent threats from unsustainable practices. These include the discharge of marine litter, unregulated and unreported fishing, as well as unsustainable shipping and tourism activities. To counteract the adverse impacts of human activities and enhance the current state of our oceans, it is imperative to unite on a global scale.

Effective solutions, the promotion of sustainable practices, and the preservation of the delicate balance of our oceans necessitate collaborative efforts. This involves cooperation among nations, non-governmental organizations, private entities, academia, professional groups, civil society organizations, and more. Such collaboration is paramount in addressing the challenges posed to the health of our oceans and ensuring a sustainable future.

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