Prof Mark John Costello

Current affiliation

Nord University, Bodo, Norway

Prof Mark John Costello
Research interests
  • Biodiversity, biogeography, and climate change
  • Aquaculture and sea lice parasites

Prof Mark John Costello is an ecologist interested in biodiversity and biogeography from local to global scales, particularly in marine and freshwaters, and in conservation and aquaculture. Born in Ireland, he studied in Galway and Cork, followed by post-docs at the Marine Biological Association in Plymouth, England, and the Scottish Office and Napier University in Scotland. He lectured in Trinity College, University of Dublin, was Managing Director of EcoServe (a consulting company in Ireland), and Executive Director of the Huntsman Marine Science Centre, Canada. He has supervised over 50 MSc and PhD students, and published over 200 peer-reviewed papers. Driven by a fascination with nature, he is pleased to have pioneered “ocean biodiversity informatics”, and in that, played leadership roles in the development of the World Register of Marine Species, Ocean Biodiversity Information System, and Marine Biodiversity Observation Network.


Marine Reserves

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