Our site Science4Ocean with new stories and new design

The MeerWissen Initiative is refreshing its microsite Science4Ocean with a new design and up-to-date features, impact stories, infographics and videos on marine conservation. The redesign moves the latest news to the top of the screen and puts all stories, graphics and videos in a filter setting so it’s easy to catch up with news on topics and regions you care about. MeerWissen has tried to replicate the feeling of reading a magazine - but through a Microsite.

Science4Ocean showcases a new feature story about bridging the science policy gap in the Western Indian Ocean region. Dr. Aboud Jumbe, Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Blue Economy and Fisheries in Zanzibar and Dr. Jacqueline Uku, President of the Western Indian Ocean Marine Science Association (WIOMSA) speak about evidence-based policymaking, the changing role of researchers and mutual responsibilities for a common purpose.  “Scientists and policymakers have to agree of different goals, attitudes towards information, languages, perception of time and career paths. It is more like a symbiotic relationship, says Dr. Aboud Jumbe. Dr. Jacqueline Uku emphasized that “we need to design science to produce policy outputs. We have designed science to generate knowledge. But we are not designing science to speak to policy-makers”. Two initiatives “Save Our Mangroves Now!” and “The Western Indian Ocean Governance Initiative” are presented as best practice examples for evidence-based policies in action.

Take a look behind the scenes of the CoastWise project and find out how the project contributes to coastal assessment and management and benefits the society in South Africa.

Two infographics showcase the impacts and successes of the MeerWissen projects in the areas of development of new cooperation and influence on policy decisions as well as the number of stakeholders MeerWissen has reached with various communication activities.

Science4Ocean highlights stories of the MeerWissen research projects. We illustrate and feature the Co-Design approach, the project challenges, benefits and impacts over the past three years and showcase the implementation experiences of the African-German research partnerships in the initiative. You get thorough insights into the applied research and work at the science-policy interface taking place at the different African and German research institutes.

With Science4Ocean, MeerWissen aims to promote and raise awareness of the issues of marine science-policy, Sustainable Blue Economy, Nature-based solutions, Ocean Governance, Sustainable Fisheries and Co-Design. Science4Ocean aims to inspire different stakeholder groups, in particular policymakers, local communities and the private sector, to engage in marine conservation and bridge the gap between research, practice and policy.

Science4Ocean will be updated regularly with new features, inspiring impact stories, videos and infographics.

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