NeDiT New Digital Technologies for Marine Biodiversity Data Handling in East Africa – Data Linking People

1st Call
Project Duration: November 2018 to June 2022
NeDit: Data Linking People
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Project Summary

Eastern African coasts are characterised by intensive use of coastal resources, threatening biodiversity, ecosystem functions and services. Despite various efforts and some successes in marine resource management and biodiversity conservation over the past two decades, the status of biological resources and the rate of ecosystem change often remain unclear, due to limited reliable information. The NeDiT project addressed the lack of data and information on the status of marine biodiversity and resource use and supported the use of new and innovative digital technologies for policymaking in marine resource management in Eastern Africa. More than 3,300 species have been collated in a database which is made available to policymakers in Tanzania and the wider Western Indian Ocean (WIO) region. Therefore, the project has successfully improved the specificity and resolution of marine biodiversity data in East Africa.

Key Impacts

Icon Capacity Development


The project facilitated a pilot training on the assessment, analysis, communication, exchange, and management of marine biodiversity data in the region for scientists, decisionmakers and students.
Icon Science Policy


The project impacted the Nairobi Convention by submitting a publication on biodiversity data handling resulting in a draft of an information management strategy for the Western Indian Ocean region.
Icon Digital Innovation


The project developed a standardized and unified mechanism to manage marine biodiversity data to be implemented as an open access tool for publishing and sharing biodiversity data.

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