CoastWise Improving knowledge for integrated management of the land-sea interface in South Africa

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Project Duration: October 2019 to October 2021
Coastwise: Umlalazi Beach Dunes
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Project Summary

In South Africa, terrestrial and marine assessment and planning have traditionally been separate exercises, forming different communities of research and management. Although there is growing understanding that planning must take account of both land and the sea, the multiple and diverse land-sea interactions are still poorly understood by researchers as well as stakeholder communities and decision-makers. There are also data and information gaps regarding environmental as well as social aspects of the coast.

CoastWise addressed these gaps by developing new data and methods for coastal assessment and planning in support of improved integrated management in South Africa, and by increasing coastal literacy and the visibility of local knowledge. CoastWise improved the integrated assessment of South Africa’s land-sea interface to enhance the knowledge base for informed decision-making. The project used new and innovative technology such as high-resolution remote sensing and drones, but also included social science components to identify socio-cultural knowledge and values.

Key Impacts

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The project developed capacities among young emerging researchers, including a PhD on ecological infrastructure and authors of diverse CoastWise papers.
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The project developed a video policy brief on the protection of culturally significant areas in South Africa, aimed at non-expert and policy audiences.
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The project used high-resolution remote sensing technology to identify and map coastal river plumes and to develop an ecosystem layer as input to planning and policy.

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Integrated management at the land-sea interface