CEM-CV Coastal Ecosystem Monitoring in Cabo Verde

1st Call
Project Duration: July 2019 to March 2023
CEM_CV: Fischermen Cabo Verde

Project Summary

The livelihood of many people in the small island state of Cabo Verde relies on healthy marine ecosystems. However, the pressure on such ecosystems increases due to multiple human-induced stressors. The lack of a systematic and coherent monitoring of the coastal marine environment makes the sustainable management of the marine ecosystems in Cabo Verde a challenge. CEM-CV is a blueprint study to achieve standards for ecosystem monitoring and management in an archipelago ecosystem such as Cabo Verde. The project developed standards for a coastal monitoring program in a data-poor region where no systematic ecosystem observations were in place. CEM-CV improved knowledge about various aspects of the marine coastal environment and the biodiversity around Cabo Verde, supporting evidence-based decision-making processes.

Key Impacts

Icon Capacity Development


The project facilitated training courses for local scientists, technicians and students on applying acoustic technologies for the assessment of fish and zooplankton biomass in coastal waters.
Icon Science Policy


The project developed a national ecosystem monitoring programme together with decision makers and various ocean user groups.
Icon Digital Innovation


The project developed an online application to collect and integrate comparable data on ecosystem goods and services from aquatic and terrestrial habitats that was used to train local communities in citizen science methodologies via a smartphone app.

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