Season: 2
Episode: 10

Two Perspectives on Scientific Data for Decision Making

Hosted by:

Kira Gee (Helmholtz-Zentrum Hereon), Alison Clausen (IOC)


Christopher Muhando (UDSM, NeDiT), Dr. Aboud S. Jumbe (Ministry of Blue Economy and Fisheries in Zanzibar)

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Ocean InSight by MeerWissen
Ocean InSight by MeerWissen
Two Perspectives on Scientific Data for Decision Making

Experiences from Tanzania and Zanzibar

Welcome to the second season of Ocean Insight!
The first episode of the new series takes us to Tanzania and Zanzibar, where we are asking how scientific data gets translated into decision-making. What can scientists do to package their data? What do decision-makers need for data and information to make an impact? These and other questions were discussed by Christopher Muhando from the Institute of Marine Sciences at the University of Dar es Salaam and scientist at the “Digital Technologies for Marine Biodiversity Data Handling in East Africa – Data Linking People (NeDiT)” project, and Dr. Aboud S. Jumbe, Principal Secretary at the Ministry of Blue Economy and Fisheries in Zanzibar.
The NeDiT project set out to improve the specificity and resolution of marine biodiversity data. More than 3300 species – with pictures — have now been collated in a database which is made available to researchers and managers. Dive in and learn about the importance of platforms for data and information – platforms that bring together scientists and decision-makers to better understand each other’s needs and to ensure research has policy impact.

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