Season: 3
Episode: 2

The value of local and indigenous knowledge for better ocean management

Hosted by:

Kira Gee (Helmholtz-Zentrum Hereon), Alison Clausen (IOC)


Bernadette Snow (One Ocean Hub), Vatosoa Rakotondrazafy (IUCN)

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Ocean InSight by MeerWissen
Ocean InSight by MeerWissen
The value of local and indigenous knowledge for better ocean management

How a diversity of knowledge can benefit society and the marine environment

Local knowledge, indigenous knowledge and co-design – ever wondered what that’s all about? Is local knowledge really as important as everyone seems to think, and might co-design even change the way we think about ocean management? In this episode we ask why it is important to include a diversity of knowledge in ocean management and how local and indigenous knowledge holders can be engaged in a meaningful or even transformative way. We’ll hear from Bernadette Snow, a co-design expert and researcher at the Scottish Association for Marine Science (SAMS) and formerly at One Ocean Hub, and Vatosoa Rakotondrazafy, IUCN regional manager for Eastern and Southern Africa. Vatosoa is also the former national coordinator of the MIHARI Network, Madagascar’s network of LMMAs or Locally Managed Marine Areas. So dive right in and be inspired by stories of successful collaboration of scientists and local knowledge holders – benefitting LMMAs and other marine management contexts around the globe.

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