Episode 5: Improving Ocean Governance through informal networks

The 5th episode of Ocean InSight has just been released. Join our guest Shannon Hampton from the International Ocean Institute (IOI) in Cape Town, South Africa and listen to her story of being a biologist in ocean governance. In her role as the programme manager at IOI she is also co-coordinating the MeerWissen partnership project Western Indian Ocean Governance Exchange Network (WIOGEN).
Hampton shares her insights on the procedure of enhancing the uptake of scientific findings into governance processes and getting many stakeholders into the network for better ocean governance in the Western Indian Ocean.
Tune in and learn how early career researchers can use platforms like WIOGEN to share their research with policy-makers and have an impact beyond the scientific community.

Ocean InSight is a MeerWissen podcast series on marine conservation and ocean science for sustainable development, with unique perspectives from those on the frontlines of research, policy and action.

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