Episode 13: Marine spatial planning and the 30 x 30 goal

Marine spatial planning (MSP) is often described as an attempt to balance the many demands we are placing on our oceans. Critics say it is all about blue growth and not enough about the environment. But is this always the case? In this episode of Ocean Insight we meet Dr. Anja Kreiner, Head of Subdivision Environment at the National Marine Information and Research Centre, Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources in Namibia and Chair of the National MSP Working Group, to explore Namibia‚Äôs interpretation of MSP. We also meet Nico Willemse, Project Manager of the Benguela Current Large Marine Ecosystem Project and member of the Benguela Current Commission, to learn about the Benguela Current Convention and what is being done to support a transboundary approach to MSP. So dive right in to find out how blue growth and biodiversity protection can be reconciled and how MSP can support the 30x30 goal.

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